Stuffed Egg Paratha

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Stuffed Egg Paratha only for AED 6 at Mezbaan Restaurant. Book Online Now!

1 cup Flour (Whole wheat)
1 no. Egg
1 tsp. Red Chili Powder
1 tbsp. Vegetable Oil
Salt to taste


1) Take 1-cup flour, add a little salt to taste and mix it.
2) Add water and make Doh of it. Make two portions of it and make round balls.
3) Take 1 Egg and break it in a bowl. Add a little red chilli powder and salt to taste.
4) Add 1 tbsp. coriander leafs and beat until all ingredients are mixed properly.
5) Keep it aside to use it later on.
6) Take a ball of Doh and make like a chapati with the help of wooden roller ( Belan ).
7) Apply few drops of cooking oil on half portion of chapati and fold half chapati on it.
8) Again apply few drops of cooking oil on ¼ portion of half chapati and fold ¼ chapati on it.
9) Now roll this triangular chapati and make it again of full size.
10)Put a heavy-duty fry pan ( Tawa ) on a medium heating gas /heater.
11)When it is sufficiently hot, apply 1 tsp cooking oil on it and spread it. Put the chapati on it and when it is half cooked, turn it upside down.
12)Open chapati’s layer from one place 1-2 inch long with a spoon, take half of the Egg material prepared and pour it inside the chapati with a spoon.
13)Spread Egg material fully inside the chapati immediately. Egg filled inside the chapati will become solid in few seconds.
14)Apply 1 tbsp of cooking oil on the chapati and spread it all around. Turn the chapati upside down.
15)Apply 1 tbsp of cooking oil on this side also and turn it upside down again. Cook the chapati on both sides until it is fully cooked and become golden brown.
16)Now it is called (((( STUFFED EGG PARATHA )))). On the same way another Paratha can also be cooked.
17)It's a wonderful dish for Breakfast. It should be served hot and preferably with Chilli Tomato Sauce.

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